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Superior as dress watch

Apart from reluctant elegance and superior understatement of which the JANUS minimal emanates plenty, hight is an important factor if a watch shall succeed as business watch in everyday business life. It has to be flat enough to vanish easily and naturally under the cuff. With a height of 10,7 mm absolutely no problem für the minimal.

The story behind the JANUS minimal


The story behind the JANUS minimal

During fairs, in our blog und in many private discussions the question occured whether all those innovative features of the JANUS DoubleSpeed (the one hand watch made by NEUHAUS) could not exist for a „normal“ two hand watch. This question referred to the running indication, the JANUS principle and the rubber cushioned crown. We have listened and thereafter decided to develop together with our clients, friends and followers a watch exactly matching these wishes. Subsequently we organized a voting on facebook as well as in our blog. The following layouts for clock faces were available:

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And the Winner is

The clear winner getting 36 % of all given votes was version B, followed by versions A and E. This result was as surprising as well as highly welcome to us, since Manuel Neuhaus also considered this reduced version without any figures the most attractive one, had however not expected such a minimalistic taste from the other participants.

So the first attempt for a „shared development“ was a big success and a pleasant experience. Because developing products together is an absolute win-win-situation for clients as well as for the manufacturer. After all they finally have to appeal to the clients.


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